Hump Day.

Hump Day.



Eyes ≈ MADesigns EYES_PURPOSE ~ aqua

Facial ≈ NANUK birken beard black

Teeth ≈ [CheerNo] Teeth . MOD 02

Hair ≈ R E M O R S E – S/Part “Slicked” Fade


Jacket ≈ Kauna – CasualBlazer: Herringbone Grey

Pants ≈ <kal rau> Baggy Jeans Dark M2_Skinny Size_01

Shoes ≈ *FIR & MNA* The Ashford Brogue Mens Black Striped Patent


Piercing ≈ .Pekka. Latum Ear Piercing; Illusionist Piercing

Glasses ≈ [CheerNo] Glasses . MARLEY*Red Lens A

Pocket ≈ [croire] pocket protector

Poses ≈ Stakey Hangover Pack


…V∆†Ø™ Style by J. Cruz/Yeseung


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