Hair ≈ KUTZ Gumby Hair

Facial ≈ Fruk Freckles & Night on the booze

Tattoo ≈ .:villena:. – Stay Gold light

Teeth ≈ [CheerNo] Teeth . MOD 02


Jacket ≈ Kauna – Blazer Navy

Pants ≈ <kal rau> Skinny Pants Green

Shoes ≈ . S H I  Fabrik Lace-Up


Chain ≈  Bless – Classic Gold Herringbone Necklace.

Head ≈ [CheerNo] Transparent Plastic Visor – Orange *The Men’s Dept.*

Poses ≈ Exposeur *The Men’s Dept.*


-Click here for SLURLs-


…V∆†Ø™ Style by J. Cruz/Yeseung


8 thoughts on “DeBarge.

    • Thank you so much for your comment!!! My favorite part about blogging is hearing what people actually think about my style. I take a lot of risks with fashion, because I know we tend to stick with what is popular and by doing this we lack originality! Hopefully, I can inspire some guys to step outside of their comfort zones and help their style a bit! :]

      • Yes. I know I should have asked first, but I’ve recommended your website on my SL profile, especially knowing men tend to check it out all the time. I really want to see more guys wearing original combination of clothing and not be pleased to wear just a tee and some old textured jeans, but aspiring to hook-up with pretty girls, leaving a lame excuse saying: “I’m a man. I’m good like that. I hate shopping.”

      • LOL that was my mentality before, “no one will notice I haven’t changed my outfit in a week” lol, but now I think it’s fun and it’s something to do on SL and to be honest I hate shopping too lol only because one minute I’ll have enough to cover my tier and the next I’ll have no L left 😮 I understand what you mean though, years ago I would’ve said “no, too complicated, I’m not going anywhere either, no one’s going to care” only an excuse to look like bum lol and definitely feel free to to send them my way, lol we’ll teach them, one way or the other haha

      • Ahh well I have a blog too and I know what you mean about finding myself without L$ in just few rounds at some shops. But, I do like to do it, I work for it and I think it must be a constant search for new and nice things to try out. Not wearing same clothes in ages. And yeah men’s excuse will be “no one will notice”, but us, ‘girls’ we do notice and I kinda hate to have to tell my male friends how to dress or even buy clothes for them at times. They should take more care about their looks. Sure, for as much as possible can. If at least one out of ten that will read your blog will go buy an ensemble, I think there’s a good chance for a little change in sl men’s fashion.
        Keep up the good work!

      • Yes, cheers to that! Thank you again hun, I’ll be sure to post some new looks soon for your guy friends lol

      • You’re most welcome! Can’t wait for that. I’ll soon start “annoying” my friends to shop more. LOL

      • I don’t know how to send a private message on wordpress if it’s even possible, but I saw you’ve choose the follow my blog from here which to my shame is not even active, I’ve just used it to be able to leave comments. My active blog is if you want to check it out sometime. TY so much and sorry I didn’t specify that earlier.

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