Idaho Falls.


Idaho Falls. (Featuring the amazing reBourne Aspen Cottage!)



Facial ≈ NANUK birken beard brown

Teeth ≈ [CheerNo] Teeth . MOD 02


Jacket ≈ [pivaaca] Big Loose Knit Jacket Snow *Brown*

Shirt ≈ [Sheep Door] Check Shirts Black *The Men’s Dept.*

Pants ≈ not so bad . MUNGO jeans

Shoes ≈ [pivaaca] Ethnic Slip-On *07* (gatcha item)


Plugs ≈ AITUI [MESH] – Stretched Ear – Solid Plug

Poses ≈ Exposeur *The Men’s Dept.*


-Click here for SLURLs-


…V∆†Ø™ Style by J. Cruz/Yeseung


2 thoughts on “Idaho Falls.

  1. Hello, please mention you took this picture at reBourne prefabs, despite asking no photography, we would appreciate a mention in your credits 😉

    • I must’ve overlooked your policy somewhere and for that I am deeply sorry. I will definitely mention your skybox in my post and thank you for bringing it to my attention!

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