Hair ≈ RAW HOUSE Flatliner [Light Blondes]

Eyes ≈ Less is More CyberEYE v5.0 **NEW FOR MHOH7**

Facial 2 ≈ {emma} Beauty Marks v.1

Tattoo ≈ Uncut paradise **NEW**


Gloves ≈ <GC> Main Force Patrol **NEW FOR MHOH7**

Shorts ≈ . S H I – Minimalist Trousers (Navy)

Shoes ≈ Tokugawa Prototype Boots


Face ≈ [Bluecross] Paragon Visor

Necklace ≈ -K!NG- Steel Necklace **MHOH 7 Hunt**

Ears ≈ – .HoD. – Dragon Spiral Gauge v2 (R) – Slide **NEW FOR 2012 FAIRY TALES**

Poses ≈ Diesel Works


I apologize in advance, but….

After 80 plus posts, I have not once used my blog as a soap box to air drama, but unfortunately, it has come to that point. I like to think that I’m a friendly person, ppl im me randomly and try to start a convo, which is fine, this is a social game, but how awkward is it when ppl IM me just to tell me that another blogger has pretty much taken my look, and changed their shape and features to look like me?

With that said, I’m not mad at all, I repeat, I’m not mad, but it’s kinda sad to see a blogger I used to admire fall so far from greatness. More than a few of your readers have noticed the obvious; that I have some things you seriously lack…..originality, creativity, etc. How disappointing. *Kanye shrugs* It’s only motivation to me.

This is the only thing I’m going to say on the matter. Thank you all for your continued support and though I appreciate such things being brought to my attention, I honestly don’t have the time to care what someone else is doing to get their couple of views. It’s not my thing, I’m pretty busy as it is, plus I don’t have a firing squad on hand so lol let’s just all play fair, guys. Thanks.


– JulianCruz